Monday, August 26, 2013

Christmas Topper from 2012

      Every year I try to do something a little different when gift-giving cash to my family for Christmas.  
    One year, 2010, I took plain invitation envelopes and covered the face of them with Christmas wrapping paper and placed a bow on top.  I also used these at Church to decorate under the tree.
    Another year, 2011, I used a template that I found online and made my own money holder envelopes.  I embossed them with snowflakes for an added flair.
      In 2012, I went with store-bought gift envelopes with candy-cane toppers.
      I saw an idea online, but had to completely change it when I could not find the appropriate candy-canes, bells, ribbons, tape, etc.
      They were supposed to look like this, 
but the final product, morphed into this.  I took the candy canes and wrapped them in scrapbook paper, taping down the inside with single-sided tape and covering the outside of the scrapbook paper with washi tape. Using the wire-edged ribbons, I tied a bow at the top of the candy cane, silver bells and punched-out snowflakes as name tags were added
     In this picture, you do not see the completed item, but its just about there.  This was not very costly as I bought most items from the Dollar Tree or had them on hand.

     Needless to say, having a loving family, and it being Christmas and all, they were pleased with the topper and the monetary gift inside the envelope also.  LOL!
     I'm sure that they can't wait for the packaging for 2013!

Be blessed.

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